One minute fly...very funny, but very sad...

To watch the video, go to the end of this page and stop the music, please!
Thank you and enjoy it!

dreams of happiness

dreams of happiness, upload feito originalmente por Francis Mk.

An image a little vintage, little grunge, just as I am. I don't know about I thought when I made it, but this is it.


heartbreaking, upload feito originalmente por Francis Mk.

Today morning I dreamt about something very sad. Now, I am fine, but that moment I felt sadness. My collages don't tell about my happiness but about my ghosts, my thoughts and confused feelings. I hope you can understand. Here is an inexplored territory where I find out myself and I hear a shout "Please please please let me get what I want this time..."

Everything will flow

Everything will flow, upload feito originalmente por Francis Mk.

Everything will flow is a Suede's song. This is not my favorite band, but when I listenned this song, I just thought about how we are enjoying our lives. This piece shows a splendour youth and how it passes away. Time is cruel and real. "Life is just a lullaby..." it says...then enjoy life, enjoying the day!

Wish impossible things

impossible things, upload feito originalmente por Francis Mk.

When I made this piece I was listening The Cure's song about wish impossible things. It's a mental journey about this song. I hope you enjoy it and let's make possible the impossible in 2011. Happy New Year, dear followers and sorry, if I left this blog again, but it's life. I promisse, I'll be back again next year with new pieces like that. Kisses!

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